Nanea Lum

Selected Exhibitions
Te Wheaio

He Hae Hoʻailona Ia
Nanea Lum is a Native Hawaiian artist based in Honolulu. Her research-based practice ranges from kapa (Hawaiian wauke beaten bark fiber materials) to large scale oil paintings. Her paintings apply cultural concepts of creation that bridge the worlds between creation and creating. Lum holds an MFA and BFA from the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. Her areas of specialization include Hawaiian traditional craft techniques and art pedagogy involving place-based learning and indigenous knowledge.

Available Works

Weli weli, 2021
Canvas and hand formed paper on wood panel, charcoal ink and acrylic paint 
36” x 48”

Halawai, 2021
Stretched canvas and buried canvas with ‘alaea i Luaalaea and acrylic paint 
57” x 93”

E Piʻi Ana o Lalo, 2021
Canvas with buried canvas, Waiakeakua stream bed and ʻalaea earth pigments with rabbit skin glue
46.5” x 72”