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Honolulu, HI 96813

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ʻEhuʻula ke ala kūpuna
Alahula ʻula i ka ʻalaea ē

Kau ka lā i luna
Piʻi ka auahi
Auahi ʻaʻala i ke aloha ē

Noho ka ʻaunaki
Hoʻopili i ka ʻaulima
Hōʻā i ke ahi i pūlama ʻia ē

ʻO ke alahula, he ʻumeke kāʻeo
Ua ʻā ke ahi o ke Aupuni ē
Ua ʻā ke ahi o ke Aupuni ē

Well-frequented is our ancestral path
Reddened by clay

The sun reaching its zenith
Smoke beginning to rise
Sweet fragrance of aloha

The ʻaunaki sits
Joined by the ʻaulima
Ignite our cherished fire

A well-frequented path
Our calabash of abundance
Aflame, the cherished fire of Aupuni
Aflame, the cherished fire of Aupuni

–J.D. Nālamakūikapō Ahsing


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