Kalikopuanoheaokalani Aiu
Jason Chu
Reise Kochi
Ara Laylo
Nanea Lum
Lise Michelle
Tiare Ribeaux
Jody Stillwater

February 19 – March 26, 2022

at Aupuni Space and HiSAM POD

Saturday February 19, 7–9pm

Aupuni Space hours:
Friday 5–8pm
Saturday 5–8pm

HiSAM hours:
Monday – Saturday 10am–4pm

In a multi-site exhibition that spans Aupuni Space and the Hawaiʻi State Art Museum POD, Kānaka Maoli and Oʻahu-based artists are brought together to showcase works that emphasize the sacredness of Wai, “Ola i ka wai” and the rainforests that hold our watersheds.

Our interconnectedness with and responsibility to the elements that sustain us are depicted in video, performance, painting, photography, and sculptural botanical works.  We learn from this grounded wisdom and present it to the viewer to remind and reconnect them to what they may have forgotten. By allowing the Wā to restore our understanding of lokahi, we revivify respect for the land we inhabit and the ‘āina we steward.

Curated by Tiare Ribeaux

Wā: the liminal space between the spiritual and the physical to access the intuitive realm.
Wai: Water
Ola i ka wai: Water is life
Lokahi: Harmony, balance

Ulu Kupu is funded in part by the Citizen Diplomacy Action Fund - U.S. Department of State | Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs