Amber Khan

Selected Exhibitions:

Pocket Lint: Navigating the Planetary


What’s All This Then?
Amber Khan is a mixed media artist from Honolulu, Hawaii. Her research and practice explore philosophies around forms of life and living, spatiotemporal identities, nonlinear realities, cultural production, and the natural world. Khan considers herself, primarily a sculptor with a mixed-media approach. She utilizes paper mâché, wood, joint-compound, fiber, paint, and natural objects as an exploration of visual mutations of the natural world that serve as information couriers. 
Khan received her BA in Journalism from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii, and her MFA in Sculpture from London Metropolitan University in London, England.

Available Works

Captain Cook, mangos, and chiles go on a cruise, 2021
American Hawaii Cruise menu, acrylic, oil, spray foam
7” x 9.5”

Delighting In The Fruits of Anonymous Labor,  2019
Found yarn, house paint, glue on canvas
48” x 77”

The Tallest Person in the Room, Unless Cody is Here, 2019
House paint, found yarn, ribbon, glue on canvas
83” x 28.25” x 26”

Mother Understands, 2019
Found yarn, glue on canvas
47” x 61”

Smile, You’re On Camera, 2019
House paint, pencil, oil on canvas
14” x 16”

The Disappointment of Limbs, 2019
House paint, found yarn, glue on canvas
24” x 24”