i nā kiʻi ma mua,
nā kiʻi ma hope

program 1: transformations
program 2: holoholo

a screening series
curated by
kekahi wahi

October 1 and
October 8, 2022 

7pm FREE
Aupuni Space is pleased to present i nā kiʻi ma mua, nā kiʻi ma hope, a series of screenings featuring moving image works that are of, about, and/or related to Hawaiʻi nei. The title of the series expands on the well known and oft quoted ʻōlelo noʻeau, “I ka wā ma mua, ka wā ma hope,” to acknowledge the ways in which filmmakers and artists of today are guided simultaneously by their pasts and futures. Shifting the focus from ka wā to nā kiʻi encourages unexpected connections to be made across media formats, practices, movements, and generations. 

Filmmakers of Hawaiʻi, those living and working across the archipelago and participating from abroad, often express frustration with mainstream commercial cinema’s treatment of the islands. How many more Hollywood features and American subscription streaming services can “this place” endure?

i nā kiʻi ma mua, nā kiʻi ma hope is curated by kekahi wahi, a film collective instigated by Sancia Miala Shiba Nash and Drew K. Broderick in 2020 to document and question transformation across Ka Pae‘āina o Hawaiʻi and Moananui.
program 1: transformations, spans nearly 50 years of production and brings together an eclectic mix of films by Nā Maka o ka ʻĀina, Christopher Makoto Yogi, kekahi wahi, Videololo, The Howard Hughes Corporation, and Sean Connelly.

program 2: holoholo
, takes audiences on a joyride through four decades of videos by Rap Reiplinger, kekahi wahi, Sung Hwan Kim, Nicole Naone, and Sean Connelly—We go!

October 1: program 1: transformations (50m)

Program 1: transformations on Vimeo

Program 1: transformations publication

Healing Songs | 1996 | Nā Maka o ka ‘Āina

Suddenly, Honolulu | 2016 | Christopher Makoto Yogi

no ke kai ka hoi ua aina | 2022 | kekahi wahi (Sancia Miala Shiba Nash + Drew K. Broderick)

Boy at Century Center
| c.1978 | Videololo

Ward Village | 2014 | The Howard Hughes Corporation

Lava Lobster | 2014 | Sean Connelly

October 8: program 2: holoholo

Program 2: holoholo publication

Rap's Hawaiʻi | 1982 | Rap Reiplinger

Kau ʻeliʻeli kau mai, kau ʻeliʻeli ē | 2020 | kekahi wahi

Hair is a piece of head | 2021 | Sung Hwan Kim

Kalaoke o Mākua | 2019 | Nicole Naone

A Justice-Advancing Architecture Tour | 2021 | Sean Connelly