The Vibration That Now Charms Us
Lesley Casady, Abbey Drew, Kēla Kahikina, Ruth Kaneko, Meghan McClenny, Juliette Puplava, Nate Sarsona

June 5–19, 2021

This exhibition attempts to map an imprecise artistic path to joy; a path born out of the pandemic. Seven artists present intimate documents of transfiguration and metamorphosis.

The exhibition’s title is borrowed from Rilke's Duino Elegies, a collection of poems profoundly shaped by the author's winter isolation in the Italian Alps. Rilke invokes a myth from ancient Thebes: the myth of Linos, greatest of the ancient musicians, who was slain by a jealous Apollo. In his moment of death, Rilke's Linos felt the "vibration" of music. The Linos myth rings with dirges or songs of lament that are so often associated with death, but also transformation.

Self-knowledge can be a terrifying thing, but these artists have transformed doubt, fear, or isolation into the vibrations that now charm us. They invite us to resonate, newly attuned to one another.

The Vibration That Now Charms Us is curated by Katharine Masters and organized by Jaimey Hamilton Faris.

Wednesday 11am–3pm
Friday 4–8pm
Saturday 11–3pm