Mythic Temporalities
presented by Lenape Creative Group

February 19, 2021

Mythic Temporalities is a showcase of works that speak a cinematic language of mythic temporality, social re-symboling as well as Indigenous, Black & Queer futures. Through a presentation of films that bridge Hawai‘i to the Bay Area and beyond, these films reimagine the atemporal landscapes of dreams and ritual, the cyclical nature of elemental geographies and the body, and the energy that circulates between all things.

The event included an in-person screening of short films running an hour in length, followed by a discussion moderated by Marika Emi with Jody Stillwater and Tiare Ribeaux of Lenape Creative Group, and then an open dialogue with the audience. The full program and Q&A was streamed online at

Mythic Temporalities from Tropic Editions on Vimeo.