Folder: MATERIAL RESEARCH> 08.charcoal
Cody Anderson

March 28 –
April 28, 2024

Opening reception: 
March 30, 6pm

Aupuni Space is proud to present Folder: MATERIAL RESEARCH> 08.charcoal, a solo exhibition by Cody Anderson; his second with the gallery. 

A statement from the artist:
Folder: MATERIAL RESEARCH> 08.charcoal is a branch of a larger, ongoing project which attempts to learn about the materials in my environment and how to utilize them. The research specifically considers material/s in relation to drawing; this subfolder represents my process of learning how to make charcoal. Parts of the process include constructing homemade kilns from found materials, and making drawings of the small branches and twigs I picked up to become charcoal.  Undoubtedly, this attempt has been inspired by watching my artist peers engage deeply with their own materials, and my perspective being informed by living in Hawaiʻi for nearly seven years now.

Charcoal, I view as a foundational material, both in drawing and my quest for great material understandings.