Light Inside Your Body Warms Mine

Kalikopuanoheaokalani Aiu 
Hercules Goss-Kuehn

January 31, 2023

Light Inside Your Body Warms Mine, performed by Kalikopuanoheaokalani Aiu and Hercules Goss-Kuehn, is a series of two solos and a duo contact improvisation. The movement, choreography, and improvisational scores illuminate the diaspora of transqueer islanders returning to sites of home.

Desiring the reconstruction of home, diasporic rematriation, present consciousness (being in body), and re-defining land-body relations.

Kaliko and Hercules are inspired by:

Gender as Ceremony 
Uninhibited Joy 
Threads of Pilgrimage 
Return Voyage
The (Trans)cendental
Francesca Miguieles' studies of Body as Home, Home as Conflict.
Jamaica Heoli-meleikalani Osorioʻs
Remembering Our Intimacies: Moʻolelo, Aloha ʻĀina, and Ea
Writings of José Esteban Muñoz that conceptualize queerness as a horizon and cruising towards utopia.
Judith Butlerʻs research on Gender as Performance
Donna Harawayʻs research, Cyborg Manifesto
The Manila Sound of Yolly Samson
Dirty Opulence
"Third Gender" Euphoria

This performance was developed in residence at Aupuni Space as part of our ASAP program, made possible thorugh the support of the Atherton Family Foundation.

Video documentaion by Vincent Bercasio

Mahalo to the Atherton Family Foundation, Ruth Foundation for the Arts, and Puʻuhonua Society for their generous support of this program.