Kainoa Gruspe is a painter interested in the systems and conventions that have been set up in our manmade world. His work deals with/pokes fun at the self reverent, boring, absurd structures laid before us. The act of art making itself and its ideas of skill, beauty, and value has been a fruitful area for Gruspe’s exploration and deconstruction. He holds a BFA from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and is currently finishing an MFA at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, in London.

Available Works

Organized Matter Shadowed by Cloud, 2021
Dirt, house paint, sand, plaster, wool, yarn, brick, graphite, oil pastel, sand, cement, charcoal, gravel, string, clay, gum on canvas.
16” x 20”
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Two Points Connected by Opposite Goals, 2020
Acrylic, house paint, string, baseball cards on canvas
11” x 14”
︎ $600 ︎ Add to Cart

Beautiful and Profound Geometric Abstraction / The Sweater I Wore To the Art Show, 2018
Oil, House Paint, Polaroid Photograph, Tape on Canvas
34” x 36”

The Sun is Hot and Good For Warming, 2018
Oil, House Paint, Found Sticker, Spackling on Canvas
16” x 20”