Juvana Soliven

Selected Exhibitions
Black Satin Wrought Iron
Juvana’s practice is an active investment in craft processes – metal-smithing, fibers, beading – the tedium of which reflects on how even a collection of many small pieces / tasks / actions may still fail at amounting to the whole. Metals that are hard are brittle, they hold a honed edge but snap easily due to their inability to flex, adapt. In using heat, they have the potential to become soft and malleable, and only in that state can be wrought. The assumed power dynamics between hard and soft are mirrored in the relationship between metal, fiber, and glass beads in these works – assumed rigidity, strength and fragility.

Available Works

Holding No. 3
glass beads, thread, expanded PVC
18” x 24”

Out is Through
glass beads, copper, glass enamel, nylon cord, thread, concrete, semi ink, steel, expanded PVC
dimensions variable