Cory Kamehanaokalā Holt Taum
Cory Kamehanaokalā Holt Taum is a Hawaiian artist who lives and works in Hawaiʻi, and the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Fellowship in 2020. He is an active cultural practitioner and mural artist sourcing his inspiration from the many stories and teachings of his ancestors and their relevance in today's drastically changing Hawaiʻi. Taum is best known for his iconic, large-scale paintings on a wide range of surfaces from rusted metal to moss covered concrete to an invasive Albezia tree. Aupuni Space is honored to have one of Taum’s murals on the exterior of our building at 729 Auahi Street.

Out of Darkness, was born the light, 2020
Aerosol and House Paint
22’ x 18’