Between the Ocean, Vineyard, the River, and Noguchi
Cody Anderson

February 24 – March 27, 2021

Aupuni Space presents a solo exhibition by Cody Anderson. Between the Ocean, Vineyard, the River, and Noguchi represents the invented boundaries the artist worked within during a residency at Single Double, 1121 Nu‘uanu Ave., from May through August 2020.

The exhibition was on view at Arts & Letters, 1164 Nuʻuanu Ave. 

A statement from the artist:
The series of drawings was initiated from a curatorial prompt to respond to the Downtown environment through drawing. My initial idea was to let Honolulu “make” all the drawings for me­­, a strategy for avoiding any personal commentary on the subject. One solution to this prompt was laying down sets of paper to be marked by the environment, one side coated evenly with charcoal, the other left blank. The drawings were then made by whatever moved over top of them, The Bus, pigeons, a gecko, etc. My practice of walking led me to making charcoal rubbings of text found on building signage, historical markers, manhole covers and more. Combining their different letters into terse statements, these rubbings chronicle my plain and contrasting observations. Together, the work documents my time within these invented boundaries and forms an unusual portrait taken during uncertain times. A portrait shy of images but richer in word and footprints, objective in theory but hopelessly bound to my unique and limited perspective.