Artist Swap Meet

November 27, 2021

Aupuni Space presents our first annual Artist Swap Meet, held on Saturday, November 27th.

Rather than participate in the Black Friday commercial rush, join us in kicking off our holiday season sustainably. Over a dozen artists and friends from our community will be selling their wares, swap meet style, outside on our sidewalk and adjoining lots from 1–5pm. Inside, our gallery will be open, and upstairs, an Aupuni Space archive sale.

Vendors include: Alec Singer and Ryan Ota, Andi Charu, Coco & Josie, Mae Ha, Single Double, Ayaka Takao, Josh Tengan, Malia Gonzalez, Marika Emi, Amelia Samari, Nico Enos, Rhonda, Aloha Divine Design, Adam Kurtz, Cody Anderson, Maxim, and Natalia Da Silva.

Come together in finding new value in old treasures, handmade goods, art from our collections, clothes, books, zines, home goods, art objects, and much more.